Mad Skills Motocross Tournament 4 Rules

Leaderboards for the individual rounds

Mad Skills Motocross "Tournament 4" Terms, Conditions, & Rules
Updated November 21, 2013

The 2013 Mad Skills Motocross Tournament 4 for iOS (T4) is an event organized by Turborilla AB, Skolgatan 91, Umea, Sweden. These Terms and Conditions govern participation in T4. By entering T4, all players accept and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

T4 is an iOS video game tournament where competitors race against computer competitors in an attempt to attain bronze, silver, and gold medals on a variety of tracks/ levels within the paid version of Mad Skills Motocross. Crash finishes do not count - competitors must cross the finish line on two wheels. Each track/level is available for one week. These rounds are available at no cost to owners of the full version of Mad Skills Motocross for iOS. Round 1 will begin on or about Jan. 3 at 2 p.m. EST.

At the completion of each week, T4 participants will earn a position on that track's leaderboard, and that time will be assigned a percentile number, showing where it stands in comparison to all other T4 players worldwide.

To find the percentile of a player's weekly score, or x, out of a set number of scores, or n, where x is not included, the following equation will be used:

(*Number of scores below X / n) * 100 = percentile rank

So, if there are 15,000 players in a week, and a player finishes in 500th place, the equation would be:

(14,500 / 15,000 = .96666) * 100 = 96.666

In other words, this player's time is better than 96.666% of all times in the round.

With each passing round, a player's individual percentile scores are added to formulate his or her total points. So if a player has a percentile of 96.666 in Round 1 and 92.453 in round 2, his or her total points as of Round 2 would be 96.666 + 92.453 = 189.119. This equation will be used each week, for all T4 players, to determine the overall points leaderboard. The points leaderboard will be updated as soon as possible after each round, and can be found online at T4 points will be maintained by Turborilla AB, who retains the right to settle all disputes regarding player points at its sole discretion.

At the completion of T4, the top five finishers in the overall points standings will get a free and exclusive Mad Skills Motocross t-shirt. Additional prizes may be added.

You must officially register for the tournament in order to be eligible for a free t-shirt. You can register by tapping the Tournament button on the main menu of Mad Skills Motocross for iOS. All prizes will be announced to the winners via email, as well as on the official Mad Skill Motocross Facebook and Twitter accounts. By registering for T4, you consent to having your name mentioned by Turborilla AB for the purposes of marketing Mad Skills Motocross for iOS.

The difficulty level for all T4 tournament rounds is Pro.

The legitimacy of all times is left to the sole discretion of Turborilla AB, and any entrant can be excluded from prize consideration if Turborilla AB deems that their top time is a result of a glitch or is otherwise not a legitimate time, for any reason whatsoever.

Players of any age may participate in T4. In the event that a player is under the age of 18 (or relevant age of consent in the relevant territory), his/her parent or legal guardian must accept these Terms and Conditions on his/her behalf.

Employees of Turborilla AB and Filter Publications LLC, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, parents, representatives, advertising, promotion and publicity agencies and the immediate families of each are eligible to participate in T4, but not to win prizes.